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Seasoned firewood from local, managed & sustainable woodland.

At Ferring Nurseries, we offer seasoned firewood for delivery or collection. All our wood is sourced from local, managed and sustainable woodland.

On arrival, the wood is cut into metre lengths, ready for splitting. Once split, it is formed into bundles and stacked, allowing it to air dry. Typically, these bundles will be stacked outside for nine to twelve months. When the wood's moisture has reduced sufficiently, bundles are taken for cutting to length. We offer three sizes: 20cm, 25cm & 33cm. This is very popular with customers who own wood-burning stoves, which accept different sizes of wood.


As all customers' needs are different, we offer a variety of ways to receive our wood:


Sold in either a ‘full’ or ‘half’ load, your wood is delivered by a tipping vehicle, onto a driveway or suitable area. This way you enjoy more for your money, but you will need enough storage space and be prepared to clear the debris.

FILL A TUB (collection only)

We offer a large tub of logs, which can be loaded directly into the boot of your car. If your access or storage facilities are limited, this takeaway solution can help.


We supply a one cubic metre log bag, full of firewood, on a pallet. This is delivered using our tail-lift vehicles. If there is sufficient access, our truck will place the pallet in a convenient dry area. All the mess of the loose load is contained within the bag - and if the weather is bad, you can throw a cover over it and deal with the wood later.


This is a convenient carry-home solution. Logs are netted in 40ltr bags, which are easy to transport. If space is limited, or you're just an occasional user, this method works very well.


Full load - Loose tipped *
Half load - Loose tipped *
Bulk Bag - Palletised *
Netbag - Logs *
Netbag - Kindling *

* Please note that loads are ‘thrown’ volume and not ‘stacked’ volume.
** Prices valid until 1/9/2016


For the loose loads and bulk bags, we offer free local delivery. This is usually on a ‘next-day’ basis or at a time to suit you.


We make every effort to keep the firewood dry, so it's a shame to abandon it to the elements. Air movement is the key to keeping wood dry. Wherever possible, raise your stack off the ground and away from buildings, allowing a free flow of air all around the timber. Do cover the top, but never the sides.

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